We recognize the importance of contributing to community and society.

Principles. We believe that value chains include more than business units, systems, and technologies. The ultimate resource is people and relationships -and commitment to a common purpose that is clearly communicated and understood. So we think out of traditional boundaries, acting on principles as well as strategies, providing the innovative solutions our clients need. But it is our understanding of people — on personal and professional levels – that makes us excel. We believe in:

  • Open, honest, and effective communication
  • Concern for the environment and our society
  • Developing partnerships with outstanding companies
  • Building sound values within a network of relationships
  • Achieving customer delight, not just customer satisfaction
Responsibility. At Echelon Environmental, corporate social responsibility is not a buzzword – it’s a vital part of our business – and the way we behave in our personal and professional lives. Internally, Echelon is a transparent, open enterprise which lives by full disclosure and adherence to truth. We are a resource for businesses who cannot justify hiring full-time Health, Safety and Environmental Managers. We provide educational White Papers and informal advice when needed. We are forward thinking, and have developed a Waste Minimization Advisory to help reduce the increasing burdens on our environment. Echelon also provides funding for the operation of a small non-commercial family farming community in the Lowcountry of South Carolina. Moreover, Ron Harvey’s personal time is dedicated to the maintenance of this sustainable living family farm.

“I wholeheartedly recommend Ron. Even more important than his knowledge and experience, he is a man of character and can always be relied on to do what is right.”

– John I. Crawford, Human Resources Director, GEL Group, Inc.


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