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Performance. Just like you, we’ve heard more than a few complaints about run-of-the-mill waste management brokers. Echelon is different. Ron Harvey’s hands on experience is matched by very few in the industry, and he is more than a proficient chemist. He understands your fundamental business imperatives, the challenges you face and the necessity to be a meticulous problem-solver. Also, the regulatory burdens imposed on businesses today are increasing at the same time that the business climate has become more difficult. We strive to:

  • Solve your problems and deliver the best solutions
  • Assist you in the proper handling of environmental matters
  • Provide expert and unbiased guidance
  • Assure EPA, DOT and OSHA regulatory compliance
Solutions. Be assured that the details waste management and compliance will be handled to let you focus on what you do best. Simply put, we have the right:

  • Approach. Doing the homework to provide a comprehensive solution
  • System. Employing a definitive methodology and a Best Practices approach
  • Insight. Understanding your needs and providing innovative solutions
  • Solutions. Discerning subtle and unapparent regulations to ensure compliance.
  • Skills. Utilizing our experience and skills to provide true value
  • Seamlessness. Assuring a seamless and timely implementation
  • Capabilities. Helping you to make informed decisions
  • Attitude. Having a true concern for the safety of clients, employees and communities
  • Customization. Tailoring solutions to your specific needs
  • Principles. Living within a value framework and personal ethics
  • Information. Offering resources such as white papers, case studies and newsletters
  • Value. Assuring that there are no surcharges, cost overruns or surprises – just results.

“It is with great pleasure that I provide Ron Harvey with this professional reference. I have had the pleasure of working with Ron for the past two years and have observed his direct work activities. Ron is a qualified radiological and waste shipper and has the experience and knowledge to run or provide oversight to any waste / rad-waste organization.”

– Robert Wills, RRPT, MBA, GEL Laboratories


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