Do you need a waste manager, but don’t have the budget for one?

In today’s economy, companies must work harder with constrained resources, and the fact is that most waste generators cannot afford a full time waste manager. Often, the responsibility of hazardous waste management is assumed by other managers who don’t have the experience to cope with the complexities of effective hazardous waste management. Frequently, a staff member is assigned the task of managing hazardous waste and treats it as a side job. This creates inherent and enormous strategic risk and increases the enterprise’s exposure to a myriad of liabilities – both seen and unseen. Labeling, marking, closure, loading, and securement of the containers as well as the placarding of the transport vehicles are serious issues where compliance must be assured.

Conserve your capital, assure compliance and mitigate your risks.

We offer the highest echelon of service, and can serve as part time waste manager to oversee your waste management initiatives. With a part-time waste manager, you will have an expert to take charge and handle your waste from collection to packaging to shipment for disposal – minimizing multiple associated liabilities. We can set up a waste program tailored to your needs, and discover innovative ways to reduce your operational costs and minimize your waste volumes. Services can be provided on an as-needed or a regularly scheduled basis. You can be certain that these critical functions are performed safely and in full compliance, at a reasonable price, allowing your employees to focus on your fundamental business imperatives.

“Mr. Harvey is a professional of the highest caliber who meticulously completes his projects in a timely manner. He would be an invaluable asset to any private or public organization and I highly recommend him.”

– Robert Chavez President, Advanced Environmental Solutions


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