We understand the risks of transporting hazardous materials.

The risks associated with hazardous materials transportation and numerous, and in the event of a disaster, can result in deleterious effects of people, the environment and the company shipping the materials. Shipment of hazardous materials in the US is regulated under title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations. When hazardous materials are transported, there are many requirements that are enforced by the US Department of Transportation.

We design effective, compliant HazMat Transportation Programs.

Evaluation. We understand the requirements for compliant hazardous materials shipments at federal, state and local levels. We use a Best Practices approach to designing a superior solution. We evaluate your existing Hazardous Material Transportation Program and the associated operational assessment and identify set benchmarks that meet or exceed hazmat regulations of your program may identify deficiencies. We also address recent changes in the regulations to see if they are reflected in your program, and we often find exceptions to the regulations that you were not aware of. And we’ll also tell you forthrightly if your existing program is on track.

Design. A new program will address all the requirements of HazMat transportation, from characterization of materials, to packaging, to employee training and safety measures. We take the burdens of hazardous waste transportation and disposal off your plate, and we can handle the full spectrum of commercial and industrial waste types. In doing so, we provide lasting value by designing a program that meets or exceeds every requirement for safe, effective and compliant hazardous materials shipments.

“Mr. Harvey is a professional of the highest caliber who meticulously completes his projects in a timely manner. He would be an invaluable asset to any private or public organization and I highly recommend him.”

– Robert Chavez President, Advanced Environmental Solution


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