April 12, 2013


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We understand the strategic implications of what we do.

Today’s executives require new insights and approaches to overcome challenges that cross over traditional boundaries. As the business climate moves toward “green”, sustainable solutions, waste management and waste minimization play an increasingly important role for both commercial and non-profit and government enterprises. We help executives incorporate state-of-the-art, fully compliant waste minimization and waste management strategies that reduce costs and result in a better bottom line. Of note is that waste minimization can reduce the generator status of a facility from large quantity generator to small quantity generator or from small quantity generator to conditionally exempt generator. Each step down reduces the regulatory burden and the associated fees charged by the state.

Our innovative solutions help you to manage risk.

We think out of traditional boundaries to clarify goals and practices regarding people, structure and stakeholder relationships. An eye to the big picture and an attention to detail are our hallmarks. Echelon provides bona fide innovation, integrating people, technology and resources with proven waste management strategies. In doing so, we benchmark enterprises against best practices and the latest innovations, providing concrete recommendations for improvement. The advisory process is forward thinking and proactive, to help prevent disasters before they happen. In doing so, we:
  • Understand. Our enterprise-wide vantage point and overview helps us to understand your organization, structure, systems, key initiatives and your strategic vision.
  • Assess. We review your waste generating processes, your policies and procedures, technologies and compliance imperatives, vulnerabilities and other variables. We then define their associated problems and the solutions needed to mitigate them.
  • Inform. We then help you to understand industry trends, regulatory requirements, Best Practices and benchmarks, to help manage strategic, financial, technical, and human risk.
  • Synthesize. Within the context of relationships between people, processes and technologies, we develop strategies, policies and programs that are valuable and sustainable. This may involve chemical substitution, source reduction, consolidation, recycling and segregation, reuse and treatment, and other initiatives such as development of written Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Implement and Train. We implement in a seamless way, without unnecessary disturbance to your operations and personnel, and training that results in bottom line impact.
  • Review and Improve. We will reassess results after an agreed upon time frame, and enhance policies and procedures accordingly.
  • Ron Harvey

    Ron is an Environmental Services professional with 30 years of experience in the environmental services and hazardous waste industries. He is effective on strategic and tactical levels, solving critical waste management problems while increasing efficiency and controlling costs.

  • Case Studies

    We’ve discovered innovative ways to help our clients improve their waste management initiatives. Here are examples of how we’ve created sustainable solutions and lasting value.

  • White Papers

    These white papers can help executives and companies to make informed and confident decisions on a variety of enterprise levels.