Hazardous materials transportation presents substantial risks.

If you are moving hazardous materials by ground, you probably know that safe and compliant HazMat transportation is not an easy task. In fact, many transportation companies are avoiding hazardous material and chemical shipments because of regulation and increased risk. Shipment of hazardous materials in the US is regulated under title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations. When hazardous materials are offered for commercial transportation, there are many requirements that are enforced by the US Department of transportation. Echelon Environmental has established itself as a reliable solution through a steadfast focus on safe, punctual deliveries, and special attention to ensuring that our high quality of HazMat shipping service remains consistent.

We provide safe and compliant HazMat transportation.

We take the burdens of hazardous waste transportation and disposal off your plate, and we can handle the full spectrum of commercial and industrial waste types. We address your requirements for compliant hazmat shipments, including and not limited to:

  • Characterization. Proper classification of the material is critical, as is the packaging to ensure that the material does not escape during transport. Using the chemical content and physical properties of the material, we determine the DOT hazard class and the packaging requirements.
  • Packaging. The most important element of the safety of your shipment is the packaging of the material. The integrity of a container – one that is in line with UN specifications for your hazardous material, will ensure that normal shipping conditions will not cause the material to escape. Following the manufacturer’s closure instructions for the container will prevent a common cause of on-the-road spills.
  • Labeling and Documentation. We correctly label the packages and author clear and compliant shipping papers. Failures in these areas are the ones most likely to be discovered by DOT inspectors because they are readily apparent.
  • Shipping Arrangements. The risk of spills or incidents is greatest during handling, loading and transport. We therefore assure that the hazmat carrier you’ve contracted to move your chemical shipments with is safe and has adequate licensing and insurance. We also have strong relationships with major shippers, who have an extensive fleet of various vehicles, which enables us to offer you efficient and cost effective transportation.

“It is with great pleasure that I provide Ron Harvey with this professional reference. I have had the pleasure of working with Ron for the past two years and have observed his direct work activities. Ron is a qualified radiological and waste shipper and has the experience and knowledge to run or provide oversight to any waste / rad-waste organization.”

– Robert Wills, RRPT, MBA, GEL Laboratories


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