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When hazardous materials are shipped by air and sea, there are many requirements that are scrutinized by the air or sea carriers, the customs agencies, and by the regulatory agencies within the countries of destination. We understand and mitigate the risks of sensitive cargo associated with HazMat shipping by air and sea, with a commitment to customer service that gives you peace of mind. Echelon Environmental handles shipment of hazardous materials with a complete understanding of the IATA regulations for air transport and the IMDG regulations for sea transport.

Echelon provides provide timely, safe and compliant shipment.

We can provide the containers or trailers and coordinate all shipping, Customs, and logistics to skillfully and safely move your waste via ship or air. With a reflexive understanding of IATA and IMDG criteria and the requirements for compliant hazmat shipments, we provide:

  • Characterization and Packaging. The hazard class and the packaging requirements must be determined according to the type of transportation. Proper classification of the material is the basis upon which all other requirements are based. Once the material is classified, the packaging can be selected which will keep the material enclosed during transport. Correct packaging is vital for air and marine shipments – there are no emergency services at 25,000 feet or on the high sea.
  • Labeling and Documentation. At every stage of the transport process, your package will be examined for improper labeling and documentation. We assure that all package handlers know that they are hazardous because they are properly labeled and documented.
  • Shipping Arrangements. Selection of a transporter to carry your hazardous materials is an important decision, so we use only reputable carriers who will get your shipments delivered on time.

“Ron is extremely thorough in his approach to the management of all aspects of a facility’s regulatory needs. He is a conscientious and thorough individual that will take charge and make sure that the facility will stand up to scrutiny from the regulatory agencies.”

– Jay Johnson
ChemCare Specialist Univar USA, Inc.


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