Regulatory compliance for radioactive shipments is mission-critical.

The International Atomic Energy Agency estimates that between 18 and 38 million packages containing radioactive materials are transported each year throughout the world. This includes radioactive waste, medical isotopes, industrial radiography sources, well logging sources, research materials, and of course nuclear fuel cycle materials. Various agencies regulate the commercial movement of radioactive materials and with minor variations primarily relate to how a shipment is documented. These requirements are consistent for the control of exposure to radiation between the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) as implemented through the International Air Transport Association (IATA) regulations, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) as implemented through the International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) Code, and country regulations that address the ground transportation of radioactive materials such as the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT).

Our turnkey approach focuses on liability protection.

For transportation of radioactive materials and waste, our emphasis is on safety, compliance, liability, and cost-efficiency. Our expert services and partnerships ensure the coordination and handling at the highest and most comprehensive industry standards. Every precaution is taken to ensure full compliance from the time your container is picked up until it is delivered to the recipient or disposal facility. This includes:

  • Classification. Classification of radioactive shipments involves several factors: the isotopes, the material matrix, the concentration of the isotopes, external radiation levels, hazardous material content and other criteria. Based upon the classification, there are six categories of transportation into which your shipment can fall. We understand and develop the detailed information required to make an accurate material classification for radioactive shipments.
  • Labeling and Documentation. Proper labeling and documentation will ensure that your radioactive packages are appropriately stored during transport to prevent excessive exposure to transport personnel and other sensitive freight.
  • Shipping Arrangements. Many carriers will not transport radioactive packages due to the inherent and substantial risks. We assure that the carriers have the systems, experience and insurance that is appropriate for radioactive materials transportation. We can make the arrangements to get your packages shipped to most destinations, domestic or international and overcome the constraints of cross border shipments of radioactive materials.

“I have worked with Mr. Harvey on a professional basis regularly and intermittently over the past twenty years. Through Ron’s dedicated effort, responsible planning and respectful leadership; the projects were completed in an efficient and timely manner to the satisfaction of the customer. Mr. Harvey has demonstrated expert working knowledge of various applicable regulatory and environmental concerns, particularly EPA, TSCA, DOT and OSHA compliance issues.”

– Douglas Roshau, Project Manager, Advanced Environmental Solutions


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