Sampling protocols are critical to hazardous waste disposal.

In order to qualify a waste for disposal, the chemical constituents and physical characteristics of the waste must be identified. Sampling and testing is often the only way to procure this information. The accuracy of the test results is ensured by getting a representative sample of the waste. We know what the disposal facilities will need to know about your waste so we will only order tests that will yield relevant data. Samples of similar wastes from drums can be consolidated for testing, thus reducing the costs for analysis.

Laboratory testing requires experience and skill.

We know how to ensure the viability of test results. We understand the importance of presenting the samples in the right kinds of containers and with sufficient volume for testing. When the test results are completed, a trained eye is needed to interpret the results in terms of EPA requirements for disposal of the waste. Careful examination of the results will determine the RCRA status of the waste and identify the appropriate waste codes. Samples can be submitted for normal turn-around time, for accelerated testing, and some tests can be performed on a 24-hour turnaround time.

We are also adept at testing of radioactive materials.

The testing of radioactive materials or wastes is an extremely detailed process. Few companies offer radioactive testing services, and significant experience and attention to detail are critical to avoid the disastrous serious consequences of miscalculation. We will provide accurate isotopic and concentration data at the lowest possible levels for use in radiation safety, for waste disposal considerations and for transportation requirements.

“Ron is extremely thorough in his approach to the management of all aspects of a facility’s regulatory needs. He is a conscientious and thorough individual that will take charge and make sure that the facility will stand up to scrutiny from the regulatory agencies.”

– Jay Johnson ChemCare Specialist Univar USA, Inc.


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