On-site waste treatment can save you time and money.

We understand the most subtle nuances of onsite waste treatment and the often unapparent aspects of permitting. Most of the waste management classes teach that waste generators are not allowed to treat their waste without a full TSDF permit under 40 CFR, part 270. Thermal treatment methods do require permits, which are quite expensive. However, a little-known fact is that the EPA allows generators to treat certain kinds of hazardous wastes without a permit, if done so for the purpose of rendering the wastes less hazardous. Generators may treat hazardous waste in containers, tanks, and containment buildings, without obtaining a RCRA hazardous waste treatment permit, so long as the generator complies with applicable generator requirements and storage management standards. For ther most part, state regulatory bodies do allow waste generators to take advantage of the EPA-granted exception for permitting.

This can significantly reduce the disposal and transportation costs for applicable waste streams. The wastes that a generator can treat on site and without a permit are limited primarily to water-based wastes so as to render such waste nonhazardous or less hazardous, safer to transport, store, or dispose of; or amenable for recovery, amenable for storage, or reduced in volume. This includes:

  • Neutralization of Acid or Alkaline Wastewaters. Instead of shipping drums or tankers of corrosive wastewaters, neutralization of the wastes can be a very cost-effective method of management. Once the wastes are neutralized, they can either be discharged at your facility or shipped off-site as non-hazardous wastewater.
  • Precipitation of Heavy Metals Followed by Solidification. Liquid, sludge and solid hazardous wastes with heavy metals can be treated on-site. Successful treatment will remove the heavy metal EPA Waste Codes rendering the material non-hazardous. These materials can often be solidified and sent to local special waste landfills or to secured chemical landfills.

“It is with great pleasure that I provide Ron Harvey with this professional reference. I have had the pleasure of working with Ron for the past two years and have observed his direct work activities. Ron is a qualified radiological and waste shipper and has the experience and knowledge to run or provide oversight to any waste / rad-waste organization.”

– Robert Wills, RRPT, MBA, GEL Laboratories


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