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Decontamination. Areas and locations contaminated with harmful chemicals and hazardous materials can endanger the public, employees and can affect entire ecosystems. The need for site decontamination can take many different forms. Industrial processes can often leave work areas dangerously contaminated. Environmental issues are often identified during commercial real estate transactions, and often delay closing. Significant endangerment can arise from abandoned drums, contaminated surfaces, monitoring wells, old electrical equipment with PCBs and a plethora of other circumstances. Our site decontamination process consists of the following steps:

  • Identification. We identify the type of contaminant.
  • Determination. The level of contamination is then determined.
  • Restoration. We return areas to a safe condition.
  • Confirmation. We sample, and retest to assure the decontamination.
Facility Closures. For facilities, especially manufacturing facilities, that have been closed, or situations where the company has moved, many issues can arise. These include and are not limited to: tanks and process lines, unshipped chemical products, hazardous raw materials in drums, contaminated work areas, unidentified wastes and other actual or potential hazards. We utilize our process to identify potential problems and the remedial action needed to mitigate the hazards and assure compliance with the appropriate state and local regulators.

“Mr. Harvey is a professional of the highest caliber who meticulously completes his projects in a timely manner. He would be an invaluable asset to any private or public organization and I highly recommend him.”

– Robert Chavez President, Advanced Environmental Solutions


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